Day 2: Scientific Conclave

The day will start with a run in your old campus as the sun rises/ in the wee hours culminating into tea at the hostels’ lawn you lived and loved so much. During the day scientific conclave will set the stage for presentations, focussed discussions and sharing of ideas & perspectives between different stakeholders. Concurrent to this will be poster presentations by the young researchers. Afternoon will also witness sessions on Celebrating Success Stories of Alumni and Open House for Alumni for experience sharing. The evening will see you enjoying at Utsav with songs of yester years to the rocks of 2019 as you dine with your loved ones.

5.30-7.00 AM “Milky Run”
Yoga/morning walk/activities to breath fresh air of campus

7.00-8.OO AM “Chai ki chuski”
Tea time at hostels after morning walk

10.00-1.00 PM
Utpadhan”(Concurrent Scientific Session on Dairy Production aspects)
“Prasanskaran” (Concurrent Scientific Session on Dairy Processing aspects)

“Arthevum Vistaar” (Concurrent Scientific Session on  Dairy Economics and Extension  aspects)

1.00-2.00 PM Lunch

2.00-4.00 PM “Saaja Samwaad”
Session on Alumni Enterpreneurs and their Success Stories

4.00-6.00 PM “Khula munch”
Open Session for the alumni to express their views

8.00-9.30 PM “Utsav”
Musical/DJ Night followed by dinner